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If you can’t find another way to use your food scraps, then it's time to look into composting! Composting is the process through which you can turn your food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil-enhancer that helps new plants and vegetation thrive -- talk about full circle! Find out how you can create compost onsite, or discover services and organizations that can remove your food scraps and turn them into compost for you.

You can find a private hauler to pick up and transport your food scraps to a composting facility, or learn how you can use innovative technologies to process food waste.

Waste Management of New York, CORe®

Municipal food waste recycling

Waste Management of New York (WMNY), in cooperation with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) and the Department of Sanitation (DSNY), is proud to operate the city’s first large scale food waste to digestion recovery facility, a cost-effective alternative for turning food waste into renewable energy. Waste Management’s patented CORe® process is an innovative solution that recycles pre- and post-consumer food wastes into EBS®, an organic slurry product used to generate renewable green energy. The CORe® process converts food waste into a high-quality organic feedstock used for co-digestion in municipal anaerobic digesters. WMNY operates the CORe® food waste recycling facility within its existing Varick Avenue Transfer Station solid waste transfer premises in Brooklyn. At this site, food waste is processed into EBS® using our proprietary CORe® process. The EBS® is delivered to the NYCDEP’s Newtown Creek waste water resource recovery facility. It’s added to the plant’s anaerobic digestion system to increase the production of renewable biogas which will be delivered to the natural gas distribution system.

221 Varick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

WeCare Denali

Compost Wholesaler

As a premier recycler of organic residuals throughout the US, WeCare Denali, LLC proudly operates compost facilities for the DSNY. The compost created here, Big Apple Compost, is sold to landscapers, site work contractors, agriculture, wholesale, and more. WeCare Denali also teams up with DSNY to ensure compost is donated to community gardens throughout the city.

400 Torne Valley Road, Hillburn, NY 10931

NYC Micro Haulers & Processors Trade Association

Micro-hauling; Composting; Private Hauling; Education

The NYC Microhaulers and Processors Trade Association (MPTA) is a coalition of New York City small business enterprises recovering and processing food scraps and organic material locally to reduce waste destined for landfills. Our collective goals include reducing the carbon footprints of our communities, improving transparency between waste generators and organics collectors, decentralizing waste collection through routing efficiency, localizing the reuse of waste as a resource, developing local and accessible economic opportunities, and providing education and advocacy.

Vokashi, Inc.

Micro-hauling, Composting, Private Hauling

Unique compost collection service using the Japanese method of fermentation, Vokashi helps households and small offices with kitchenettes or pantries manage their food scraps. We provide the EM-1(R) inoculated bran that begins the fermentation process and allows us to collect all food scraps including meats, dairy, bones - in fact the entire urban diet. And Vokashi processes all of the material it collects in unique pits and trenches which allows us to use unique green spaces like golf courses for composting.

380 Classon Ave #1, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Waste Connections of New York

Private Hauling

At Waste Connections NYC, we provide a variety of commercial waste and recycling services to keep New York City and your place of business clean. We have served Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn for over 20 years and continue to do so with pride. We have the knowledge, state-of-the-art trucks, and equipment to get any-sized job done right and safely.

Waste Connections NYC Provides Removal of Trash and Recycling Right From Your Place of Business

Waste Connections NYC will remove your commercial collection of organic waste, diverting it from the landfill and increasing your recycling yield.

Waste Connections rents, sells, and services commercial trash compactors for businesses.

Our quality fleet and equipment will help with your roll-off dumpster and commercial dumpster rental needs.

2630 Park Ave., Bronx, NY 10451

Ecofairy LLC

Composting; Private Hauling

The Ecofairy transforms food waste into rich and ripe fertilizer within 24 hours or less. We are encouraging people to reduce their waste, reduce costs and reduce impact.

515 Madison Avenue - New York, NY 10022

ORCA Digesters

Commercial composting and data

ORCA has developed a hyperlocal solution to organic waste management by developing an onsite aerobic digester, who's mission is to take every garbage truck off the road! ORCA uses microorganisms and oxygen to rapidly digest 100% of food waste into an environmentally safe effluent that flows into the city's existing waste water infrastructure. The ORCA also comes with a diversion tracking software that automatically tracks your food waste diversion and will convert your data into sustainability metrics for your organization's environmental goals! The ORCA does not produce any solid by-product and is NSF certified kitchen grade stainless steel that smoothly integrates into any workspace. We provide cost benefits, operation efficiencies, and compliance for organic diversion by-laws.

2 Bloor Street, West Toronto, Ontario, Canada


EcoRich Composting Solutions

Composting; Private Hauling

EcoRich provides on-site in-vessel food waste to composting solutions. Our services include installation, after-sale service, and compost pick up in the tri-state area. We have machines for everything from coffee shops, to apartment buildings, to the food processing plant.

94 East Dewey Ave, Wharton NJ 07885

Mr. T Carting

Private Hauling

Mr. T Carting is a family-owned compost, recycling and waste company servicing commercial and residential customers in western Queens, northern Brooklyn and Manhattan below 59th street. We’ve been keeping New York City clean since 1947. Our vision is to raise the standard of excellence in the recycling and waste management industry, provide solutions that exceed expectations, benefit our customers, and protect the environment. We have thrived through a commitment to innovation, safety and our core values. We don’t just haul trash that adds to landfills. We help our clients explore their pathway to achieving Zero Waste, and operate our own recycling, sorting, processing and vehicle maintenance facilities.

73-10 Edsall Ave. Glendale, NY 11385

Recycle Track Systems

Private hauling; Education; Consulting

At RTS, we believe in a more sustainable solution to garbage collection. Our digitally connected fleet operates in sync with your organization to help make waste disposal easier, smarter, and more responsible. We offer both on-demand and recurring collections so you can deal with variable needs across multiple locations. As a smarter, more waste conscious service provider, we give companies the tools and training they need to measure and meet their sustainability goals.

PO Box 750, West New York, NJ, 07093

BioHiTech Global

Onsite Aerobic Digestion and Diversion Reporting

BioHiTech (NASDAQ: BHTG), is a technology and environmental company focused on reducing the environmental impact of the waste management industry through the development and deployment of cost-effective on-site processing equipment and real-time data analytics tools to reduce food waste generation.

80 Red Schoolhouse Rd, Suite 101 Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977