Follow these steps towards becoming more environmentally conscious for your business.

Step 2:


Now that you’re an expert on the laws, it’s time to get to know your own business a little bit better. After all, to solve a problem, you must understand what the problem actually is. Dive deep and ask yourself questions like: who is my waste hauler and do they provide food waste options? How is my waste station set up? How are we managing our inventory? This will help you identify areas for improvement.

Want an expert opinion? Explore our list of waste audit professionals who can help you develop a custom waste review strategy.

ReFED's Solution Provider Directory

Directory of national food waste solutions providers

Explore our database of 700+ organizations to connect with Solution Providers, offering products and services to help you reduce food waste.

World Wildlife Fund

Education, Consulting

Since 2015, the WWF-US Food Loss & Waste (FLW) team has worked to standardize FLW measurement and solutions across the value chain—from farms and suppliers, to the retail and hospitality sectors, to food service in schools.

1250 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Foodprint Group

Consulting; Software / Tech

Foodprint Group is a women-owned Brooklyn-based zero waste business. Through our proven zero waste approach, web-based tools and expertise, we help our clients reduce waste and move valuable resources into the circular economy.

35 2nd Street, Apt. 2, Brooklyn NY 11231

NYS Pollution Prevention Institute

Education; Consulting

NYSP2I, sponsored by the Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) through the Environmental Protection Fund, offers businesses, municipalities, and community organizations resources and solutions for pollution prevention, including identifying practical, cost-effective solutions for diverting, preventing, and managing food waste.

111 Lomb Memorial Drive, Building 78, Room 2000, Rochester NY 14623

Common Ground Compost

Micro-hauling, Composting, Drop-off Composting Site, Education, Consulting, Zero Waste Events

Common Ground Compost is a zero waste services company, specializing in program and infrastructure design, diversion, analytics, and system implementation. Our divisions include Reclaimed Organics and Office Composting, providing food scrap collection service in Manhattan for residents, offices and businesses; and Waste in the Community, our environmental equity, justice, advocacy and education department. We are also active in #SaveOurCompost and the NYC MicroHauler and Processors Trade Association.

34 3rd Ave, #173, NY, NY 10003

Food Waste Experts

Composting; Consulting; Solutions to treat food scraps onsite; Rocket composter, dehydrators, waste pulpers, biomass, etc

Food Waste Experts provides consulting services implementing strategies using cutting-edge sustainable solutions to reduce food scraps, create value from food before becoming food scraps, and maximizing value when treating food scraps onsite.

21 North Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Hotel | Kitchen

Education, Consulting

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, came together to work with the hospitality industry on understanding and reducing food waste. Through research and a series of demonstration projects with properties across the country, innovative strategies were identified to engage staff, partners and guests in cutting waste from hotel kitchens.

Great Forest


Backed by 30+ years of experience, Great Forest is a leader in sustainable waste management consulting. We work with companies and institutions globally to help them achieve sustainability goals by reducing waste while saving money and maximizing operational efficiency. Our areas of focus include Zero Waste consulting, employee education and waste audits. Our food waste audits, in particular, have helped food-service businesses reduce food waste and fight hunger at the same time through donations. Ask about our additional services including internal and external waste infrastructure optimization, data tracking, as well as our best practice guides, and other resources.

2014 5th Ave., New York, NY 10035

Recycle Track Systems

Private hauling; Education; Consulting

At RTS, we believe in a more sustainable solution to garbage collection. Our digitally connected fleet operates in sync with your organization to help make waste disposal easier, smarter, and more responsible. We offer both on-demand and recurring collections so you can deal with variable needs across multiple locations. As a smarter, more waste conscious service provider, we give companies the tools and training they need to measure and meet their sustainability goals.

PO Box 750, West New York, NJ, 07093

Zero Waste Design Guidelines

Education, Consulting

The Zero Waste Design Guidelines address the crucial role that design plays in achieving NYC’s ambitious goal, outlined in OneNYC, to send zero waste to landfills by 2030. The Guidelines were developed through a collaborative process starting in November 2016. More than 100 collaborators—including architects, planners, developers, city officials, waste haulers, recycling experts and building managers —engaged in multidisciplinary workshops at New York’s Center for Architecture. The guidelines team visited more than 40 buildings and held discussions with porters and supers to fully understand waste collection issues across building types.

Think Zero LLC


Think Zero LLC is an innovative waste reduction, diversion, and zero waste consulting firm specializing in helping corporations and real estate owners and developers reach and exceed their waste reduction and diversion goals, and meet or exceed all waste-related regulations. We are M/WBE certified by the City of New York. We work across the US, with offices in New York and Colorado, helping people reduce the amount of waste they generate.

114-116 Hudson St. #4, New York, NY 10012