Follow these steps towards becoming more environmentally conscious for your business.

Step 3:

Upgrade Your Systems

From better inventory management to revamping your waste stations, there are tons of ways you can reduce food waste in your kitchen and achieve your sustainability goals, many of which may also save you money.

Explore solutions that can help you begin pulling the levers of change.

ReFED's Solution Provider Directory

Directory of national food waste solutions providers

Explore our database of 700+ organizations to connect with Solution Providers, offering products and services to help you reduce food waste.

US Composting Council

Composting; Education; Consulting; Software / Tech; Compost Industry Support

The US Composting Council advances compost manufacturing, compost utilization, and organics recycling to benefit our members, society, and the environment.

1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd., Suite 115 Raleigh, NC 27604

FoodFarmacy powered by Everything Food

Software / Tech; Source, manage, and execute the delivery of fresh produce and healthy meals

FoodFarmacy, enabling community health programs to flourish. We source, manage, and execute the delivery of fresh produce and healthy meals on behalf of healthcare providers, resulting in better patient outcomes.

850 E. Chapman Ave Unit D, Orange, CA 92866

Foodprint Group

Consulting; Software / Tech

Foodprint Group is a women-owned Brooklyn-based zero waste business. Through our proven zero waste approach, web-based tools and expertise, we help our clients reduce waste and move valuable resources into the circular economy.

35 2nd Street, Apt. 2, Brooklyn NY 11231

Recycle Track Systems

Private hauling; Education; Consulting

At RTS, we believe in a more sustainable solution to garbage collection. Our digitally connected fleet operates in sync with your organization to help make waste disposal easier, smarter, and more responsible. We offer both on-demand and recurring collections so you can deal with variable needs across multiple locations. As a smarter, more waste conscious service provider, we give companies the tools and training they need to measure and meet their sustainability goals.

PO Box 750, West New York, NJ, 07093

Spoiler Alert

Food Redistribution, Education, Software / Tech

Spoiler Alert is a B2B software company helping CPG companies manage excess and slow-moving inventory. Spoiler Alert digitizes the liquidation process in order to maximize value recovery, strengthen customer relationships, and increase the effectiveness of supply chain managers tasked with handling these typically manual sales processes. 

200 Clarendon St 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02116

Re-Nuble, Inc.

Software / Tech, Agricultural inputs

Re-Nuble is an agricultural technology company that uses organic cycling science™ technology to transform unrecoverable vegetative food byproducts into a platform of sustainable technologies for soilless farming. Our closed-loop process transforms unrecoverable food byproducts into organic goods while eliminating landfill waste and greenhouse gasses.

157 Columbus Ave 4th Floor, New York, NY 10023