Follow these steps towards becoming more environmentally conscious at home.

Step 3:

Give Scraps a New Life

Don’t know what to do with all of the odds and ends that didn’t make it into the meal? Never fear -- there are a number of ways you can give your food scraps a second life. Get creative in the kitchen with zero-waste recipes and take your food further!

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Morton Salt's #EraseFoodWaste

Community campaign

About 40% of all food produced in the U.S. is wasted. Take the 7-day challenge to start making the most of your meals, then share your story with #EraseFoodWaste to inspire others to join.

Joel Gamoran's Cooking Scrappy Cookbook

Low Waste Recipes

Cooking Scrappy saves you money, helps to save the planet, and ups your cooking game. Joel stands for the bruised, the forgotten, and the back of the fridge.

James Beard's Waste Not Cookbook

Low Waste Recipes

The James Beard Foundation’s comprehensive book on full-use cooking—how to use all the food you buy and avoid food waste—featuring innovative recipes and tips from chefs across the country.

167 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011

Purple Kale Kitchenworks

Low Waste Recipes

Through in person and online classes, and a critically acclaimed cookbook, Purple Kale Kitchenworks teaches eager home cooks to be more resourceful and creative in the kitchen.  With our instruction, you'll learn to cook more confidently both when working with recipes you love, and when improvising a meal of your own.  Our ingredient-first approach will have you cooking better and wasting less food.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn